Penguin Research:

Penguin research has been going on in Antarctica for over 50 years now. It has been a highly debated area of research because of the currently changing climate and the possible longterm effects that will have on the Emperor, Adélie (photo), and Macaroni Penguins of Antarctica (make sure to click on the interactive MAP in the upper right corner of this blog to see the distribution of the various penguins in Antarctica).

Adélie Penguins:

These birds inhabit the Ross Island Sea. Currently there are roughly 5 million penguins making up 38% of Adélie colonies, and they are all dependent on the delicate ecosystem of the Ross Sea, which itself makes up only 10% of the Antarctic coastline. To learn more about the researching being done with Adélie penguins click here: Penguin Science.

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