Here is the time lapse video that a buddy of mine Scott the balloonatic (ie. working with the giant balloons that are sent into the upper atmosphere to measure the hole in the ozone layer) anyway it is the movie he put together of our happy camper group building our snow wall. I really hope this clip works (if it doesn't you can go to and type in "happy campers from McMurdo build snow wall").

I am wearing black sunglasses, a wine red shirt, black overalls, and no hat. I start out on the very right hand corner of the snow wall (as you are looking at it, I am facing the camera though so it is my left, your right) then I move to the oppisite side to secure the other corner of the wall. The movie is only 2.5 minutes but in real time this took 12 of use around 40 minutes to make. The people who are really sawing the blocks out of the quarry aren't even shown in this video, but they were doing hard work too, then the blocks had to be brought over to the carpenters at the wall (that was me!) we were using saws like you see in wood work shops.

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