Mystery of the Ice...

Check out this Antarctic Wave....
The temperature is below freezing for the majority of the year and streams only flow for the two months of summer. However, in this picture you can see what looks like a frozen wave.

Question: What caused the formation of this ice structure?
Create a HYPOTHESIS and make sure you are able to tell us WHY your hypothesis is realistic.
Remember that having a hypothesis is the most important part. The correctness of your hypothesis doesn’t really matter, BUT you do need to have a REASON for your hypothesis (so give us the reason)!

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Victoria said...

Victoria Airapetian, 3rd grade, Mr. Hector's class, Hammond Elementary School, Laurel, MD


Looking at the picture I noticed that the water was flowing from a mountain as it got frozen. I know that the temperature is normally less that 32F in Antarctica, but it was a few degrees greater that usual. Then, the mountain ice got melted creating a waterfall. But by some reason, the temperature very suddenly decreased to a very low temperature freezing the water wave. This is my hypothesis.